Just Compensation

A Monthly Report on Eminent Domain and Inverse Condemnation
Published Since 1957
Professor Gideon Kanner, Editor

Just Compensation is a monthly reporting service on eminent domain, inverse condemnation, and relocation assistance law. It reports in abstract form the reported appellate decisions in these fields by all state and federal courts. It also prints news of professional seminars, new books and professional jounal articles of interest.

Though Just Compensation is of value to all readers interested in the field of condemnation law, it is of special value to appraisers, lawyers and judges, as well as to highway, pipe line, public utility, cable transmission and railroad right of way personnel. It is of special use to municipal attorneys, state highway department lawyers, and city planners who have to deal with inverse condemnation problems. Because much of the eminent domain litigation involves issues of law that control valuation methodology, Just Compensation is also useful to assesors, property tax, and other real estate professionals of all sorts.

Unlike legal texts and treatises that provide a supplement once a year, Just Compensation keeps its readers informed continuously and enables professionals to use the latest trends and developments in the law on a monthly basis. Each monthly issue is 10 to 12 pages long, and contains abstracts of 20 to 30 reported cases, so that Just Compensation is also a handy and efficient legal research tool.

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