Just Compensation


For over forty years, Just Compensation has served judges, lawyers and appraisers with prompt, concise and accurate abstracts of reported eminent domain, inverse condemnation and relocation assistance cases decided by state and federal courts throughout the country. Just Compensation subscribers get monthly reports by first class mail - no more waiting for last year's cases in a bulky supplement or report. Just Compensation also reports news of pertinent seminars, articles of interest in professional journals and new books. An annual index is included, which makes Just Compensation a handy research tool for the latest cases.

Professionals involved with either law or valuation, find Just Compensation a useful and cost effective part of their library resources. Remember - having the right cases at the right time, often spells the difference between victory and a costly and embarrasing defeat. With Just Compensation you need never miss the latest, decisive case!

Aside from the daily, bread-and-butter issues of valuation, to which the cases are contributing continuously, there are the new areas that command attention. The U.S Supreme Court has shown a renewed interest in the "taking issue", and in the wake of its decisions in First English Evangelical Lutheran Church v. County of Los Angeles and City of Monteresy v.Del Monte Dunes the U.S. Courts of Appeals in the various circuits, as well as state courts are taking diverse paths on the issue of remedies. Inverse condemnation cases are often brought under a Civil Rights Act (42 U.S.C. § 1983) theory.

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